About Us


Kashif Nizam Usmani (Managing Director) has always had a passion for food. In 2002, he brought his dream into reality by opening his first Chinese outlet, Mamma Mia, to life, with a commitment to fresh and innovative Chinese food, served in a friendly atmosphere. Updates and refinements were made to his menu on an ongoing basis, keeping in mind the feedback and taste buds of young students. Today, the group has built a brand in Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine and has franchises of different brands with a strong foothold in the food Industry.

UB Foody has achieved culinary expertise in Chinese, Continental, Mughlai, and Indian cuisine for over 14 years.

We are compelled by our love of food to offer as many choices as possible to our customers.



UB Foody provides 100 % fresh foods with good quality of taste and ingredients. Quality is maintained by our tastes.

Delicious Products

We providing delicious and healthy foods for you. Just because taste is important for long terms taking of foods and good health.

Relaxing Atmosphers

Something that is relaxing is pleasant and helps you to relax. Music is the best ways to create a relaxing vibe is with music.

Friendly Staff

Friendly, describes people who are kind, caring, and make you feel comfortable with warmth and respect.